Unique graphic designs from two local contemporary artists will play a valuable role in raising funds and awareness for the Arts. The eye-catching artwork will be printed on T-shirts and sold during the ‘PEAK’ Music Festival at Rotary Park, a new, open access and age friendly community event. The collaboration with graphic artists is part of an effort by the Fisher Peak Performing Artists Society to help develop the area’s arts and culture.

Jason de Rijk, owner of Sidekick Stickers, is sponsoring the cost and printing of the shirts. “The 1st annual 'PEAK' Music Festival is an excellent idea and platform for local artists to be seen and heard. This community is exceptionally creative, and there just aren't enough avenues for that creativity to flow and get the appreciation it deserves” said de Rijk. “Hopefully this will also encourage more budding artists to take a step further with their creations and foster a great support network for them. Art, in all its forms, is an amazing and underappreciated way to express our day to day lives and can sometimes be an awesome way to turn a negative into a positive. This really has the potential to bring our local art community together, bring some individuals out of their shells, and encourage them to thrive. This will definitely be a worthy event and organization to get behind and support!”, he added.

The festival features 10 local performing artists over a period of 17 hours of stage time. The event will wrap up a summer full of live entertainment in Rotary Park that has seen a steady 500-600 people attending on Saturday nights.



Alexis Shuffler

The “Peak-Symbol” design is the creation of Alexis Shuffler, a multidisciplinary artist, graphic designer, and letterer whose creative style is colourful. Shuffler enjoys all things artistic, from painting to calligraphy. Although raised in Cranbrook BC, she is currently a third year Bachelor of Design student at York University & Sheridan College in Toronto.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the ‘PEAK’ Music Festival, an event that features a choice sample of our city's great talent in the performing arts. I believe it is important to support our local artists, especially since Cranbrook is a community I am proud to be part of,” said Shuffler, who participated in the Sam Steele Sweetheart program in 2014. “It’s an honour that the Fisher Peak Performing Artists Society chose my design to promote their awesome event!"

Mikayla Jones.jpg

Mikayla Jones

The “Peak-Head” design is a free hand creation by Mikayla Jones, who says she has found growing up in Cranbrook “truly amazing”.  She’s always enjoyed creative expression and embraced the chance to design a graphic for the ‘PEAK’ Music Festival T-shirts. “This event offers a way to grow community support for the arts and gives opportunities to the younger generation to be involved in something exciting,” said Jones. “I am extremely thankful to be a part of an event that allows Cranbrook to come together.”

Full colour printed T shirts of Jones’ design will be given free to those who volunteer for a limited number of positions during the two-day event Friday August 31st and September 1st. Positions primarily involve extra hands with setup and tear down. Apply online or call Randy Tapp at 250-421-9930.