Summer Sounds - July 13

MADDISUN has opened for artists such as Ken Hamm and the Tracy K Blues Duo. She easily connects with her fans and audience and leaves them with a feeling of comfort and acceptance.

7 p.m. ZUMBA by Josée Bergeron

Dance your heart out with the very enthusiastic and licensed instructor, Josée Bergeron from Key City Zumba. You don’t have to know how to dance. She will lead you in Zumba Gold, the low-impact, low-intensity Zumba experience and make it feel like a party.

8 p.m. Voodoo Rhythm Kings

Band members Keith Larsen (guitar/vocals), Ed Johnson (drums/vocals) and Murf Martin (bass/vocals) are veteran musicians brought together by a love of the music they grew up on. Blues and blues/rock is the name of their game. Classics from the ‘50/’60/’70s. Three piece ‘Power Trio’ format, stripped down, nothing to hide. No click tracks, sampled sounds or gimmicks. Ibanez? is that a motorcycle? Just screaming Strats and Les Pauls. A solid rhythm section of career musicians. Just old school blues/rock played with skill and passion. Sometimes less is more and this band is definitely more than the sum of its parts!