2019 Summer Sounds - Dancing in the Park

The Summer Sounds / Dancing in the Park programs

7 p.m. Anadil Belly Dance Troupe

An eye-appealing ethnic dance demonstration by a local group of women who came together in 2006 through a shared interest in the dance form. They are mostly self-taught, using videos and other forms of available instruction… feel free to join in! Let the shimmy and shake move you!

8 p.m. Camaro

This Marysville rock band kicks it and rips it while making sure you’re all having a good time! Their motto: Rock is rock – accept no substitute. Schtevie the Schwagger, Adriano the Juiceman, Keanu the Destroyer and Mattso the Blood, perform Sweet Dirty Rock – only the good stuff.  They’re proud to be an old school classic rock band covering everyone’s favourite hits.

The outdoor entertainment programs are coordinated and run by the Fisher Peak Performing Artists Society volunteers. These community events, held at Rotary Park every Saturday in July and August, feature live regional performing artists and the occasional touring artist. There’s no admission and everyone is welcome!

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