Bohemian Misfits

To whom it may concern, I hope this letter finds you in excellent spirits. My name is Marcel Dou Roig, and I would like to introduce you to the Bohemian Misfits Productions. As a director I am a passionate Performer with a reputation for delivering captivating and mesmerizing shows. I am writing to express my interest in contributing to the Fisher Peak Performing Artist roster and to present my performance of Ed the Elephant for your consideration. With more than 25 years of experience within the arts, I have honed my craft to offer a show that is both unique and engaging, designed to leave audiences spellbound and craving for more. Here’s a glimpse of what the show entails: Our show includes ten performers showcasing a 16 foot tall Elephant puppet, powered by humans. The performance takes place in the streets, it is reminiscent of the 1923 circus as they enter town. This is a very interactive performance between actors, puppets and the audience. Our little circus moves audiences in streets, squares or parks, regardless there age. Children and adults enjoy the up close and personal interaction with Ed the elephant and all the circus performers. As in the 1900’s our show attracts and captivates audiences through the streets. Our show is a high energy, moving parade that travels from point A to point B spreading happiness and amusement. I am confident that our performance would be a perfect fit for Fisher Peak Performing Artists audience. With a track record of leaving crowds in awe, I believe I can contribute to the Fisher Peak Performing Artist success by providing topnotch entertainment that attendees will remember for years to come. Thank you for taking the time to consider my proposal. Sincerely, Marcel Dou Roig  

Tick Magnets/Two Ticks

Tick Magnets is a group of enthusiastic musicians who play an eclectic mix of folk/country/bluegrass/gospel/old time music for audiences young and old, living and dead.  The group – composed of Rollie Cummins (vocals, guitar, autoharp) of Wycliffe and Steve Knowles  (vocals, guitar, banjo) from Cranbrook – originally came together as a quartet, out of a love for acoustic jamming and vocal harmony.  Recently, the group is down to Rollie and Steve, who perform as Two Ticks, but they often welcome a bass player to join them so they can once again offer the full Tick Magnets majesty.   In the face of the trials and tribulations that come with the pursuit of the perfect chord, the group takes heart from its motto:  “Ticks Dig Us.”

Mile High Club

High energy show band playing hits from the 70’s – 2020’s. This band doesn’t just sound good, they look good too. Guaranteed to be musically and visually entertaining, guests will be screaming for more. Did we mention we LOVE the 80’s? If you are looking for a band that will get your guests singing and dancing look no further than Mile High Club. Book Mile High Club for your next special event, corporate function, festival, or wedding.

Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey is a high energy, seven piece dance band.

Brass Roots

Biography: Brass Roots consists of 12 professional musicians, all with years of experience. Our repertoire includes Latin jazz, swing and up tempo standard jazz. Such as Arturo Sandoval’s “Sandunga”, ” What is Hip” from Tower of Power, Chick Core’s “Spain” and “Sing Sing Sing” from swing era.
Conductor | Evan Bueckert Saxophones | Larry Dureski / Murray Knipfel / Mario Araujo Trumpets | Randy Marchi / Shinobu Murata Trombone | Shelby Lehman/ Les DeRuiter Piano | Tim Plait Bass | Jim Cameron Guitar | Don Glasrud Drums | Graham Knipfel

The Eisenhauers

The Eisenhauers are a married folk duo from Kimberley, BC who have been performing for several decades together across Canada.  Their songs blend traditional alt-country with modern folk with new innovation and depth.

Take Four

Take Four is a professional group of 4 musicians playing a variety of styles of music focusing on traditional jazz favourites. Randy Marchi : Vocal / Trumpet Tim Plait : Piano Don Glasrud : Bass / Guitar Chad Andriowski : Drums

Brother Ray Lemelin

Born and Raised in the Eastern townships of Quebec, Ray was raised in a family where musicians were common on both sides of the family. Playing music was a natural move for Ray as he himself affirmed as a child (Jigging for change at gatherings) and in blues Rock local bands at house parties or wherever else he was allowed to perform as a teenager and young adult.

In Calgary, after attending a Willie Dixon concert, he proceeded to get a hair cut, buy a suit, a Stratocaster and tube amp. Everything changed and he started searching and listening to anything Blues in all styles but always digging the Roots. Once the King Eddy opened, he spent every opportunity there to listen and learn at the feet of masters. Being at the king Eddy all the time led to an opportunity as one week a friend had a P.A. at the club but could not do the sound gig for the artist, Clarence Gatemouth Brown. Ray jumped at the opportunity and in turn was asked to do the two-week gig along with the rest of the Western Canadian gigs. That started a friendship with Gate and a few other gigs as Ray took care of the stage and sound along with being Gate’s valet. During this time Ray led or was part of the blood of the Alberta blues scene, playing with Jimmy Payne, Tim Williams, Ron Casat, Amos Garrett, Rusty Reed, Back-alley John, Johnny V, harp Dog Brown, all the while leading his own groups in between jobs backing other on the Blues scene.

As time went on Ray would keep getting calls to put together a tight band to back up touring blues artists in his part of the world. Subsequently he has had the opportunity to back up or work with and share the stage with many artists such as: Wes Mackay, Lowell Fulson, Fenton Robinson, Jimmy Payne, Pinetop Perkins, Billy Branch, sugar Blue, Sherman Robertson, Johnny Copeland, Sonny Rhodes, mark Hummel, Johnny Nitro, Carl Weathersby, Michael Coleman, James Coffon, Lurrie Bell, Country Pete, Alabama Mike Big Dave Mclean, and Brent Parkin.

Ray released his next album, Dark/Out of Phase. This album is all acoustic and features Tim Williams throughout the Album. He is also busy leading a full time band the “Matinee Kings”, along with teaching and mentoring which is very important as this is how the craft is learned and passing it on is an easy thing to do as all his idols and mentors were very generous.  


TRENA  an emerging artist in the country music scene, has rapidly gained international acclaim since her debut single “Cowboy” captured audiences from the UK to Australia. The recognition continued with a nomination for Song of the Year at the 4th Annual Josie Music Awards, establishing Trena as a rising star in the independent music scene. Debut Album – “Long Time Coming” (December 2018): Trena’s debut album, “Long Time Coming,” released in 2018, marked a significant milestone in her career. The title track climbed to #24 on The Joyce Ramgatie International Country Music Top 40 Single Chart, and Trena secured the #90 spot on the Top 200 Artist Chart. The album held the #1 position for an impressive four weeks on Airplay Direct’s Top 50 Country Chart. At the 5th Annual Josie Music Awards, the album received four nominations in the Traditional Country category, including Female Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Female Rising Star Vocalist of the Year, and Rising Star of the Year. Trena clinched the Song of the Year award for “Crazy,” a collaborative effort with Bob Gollan. The song’s success extended to reaching #2 on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown in 2021. Second Album and Singles: Trena is currently immersed in the creation of her second album, teasing fans with a series of impressive singles.
  • “Smokey Ol Bar Rooms(2020): was the first music video for Trena, filmed, edited, and produced by her husband under Thirsty Beaver Productions.  Smokey Ol Bar Rooms reached #2 on The Canadian Indie Country Countdown’s weekly Top 100 chart in 2022 and made the Canadian Indie Country Countdown Top 110 of 2022.
  • “Hold On” (2021): claimed the #1 spot on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown’s weekly Top 100 chart and positioned itself at #28 on the Top 100 of 2021 chart. The song has garnered attention from various Canadian radio stations. The accompanying music video, produced by Thirsty Beavers Production, received a nomination for Music Video of the Year at the 4th Annual Canadian Independent Music Video Awards.
  • “Breathe” (2022): soared to #2 on The Canadian Indie Country Countdown’s Weekly Top 100. The song also secured a spot in the Canadian Indie Country Countdown Top 110 of 2022, the songs success continued to shine as it earned a nomination for Song of the Year at the esteemed International Singer Songwriters Association awards. Additionally, Trena’s nomination for Female Rising Star highlights her remarkable talent and growing influence as an artist.
“Not The Ring” Available February 9, 2024 Trena, is gearing up to launch her highly anticipated new single, “Not The Ring,”  The magic of “Not The Ring” lies in Trena’s ability to transport her audience to the heart of true country music storytelling.  Trena’s genuine connection to the material ensures that every note is infused with raw emotion, making the song a relatable and immersive experience for fans of true country music. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or a newcomer to her music, be prepared to be captivated by Trena’s emotive storytelling when you hear “Not The Ring” as she skillfully draws you into a world where every note carries the weight of genuine human experience. “Music is a part of me, it makes me happy and brings me peace”- Trena Trena’s journey from her acclaimed debut single “Cowboy” to her latest release, “Not the Ring,” showcases her remarkable talent and growing influence in the country music industry. With multiple award nominations, chart-topping singles, and captivating music videos, Trena is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of independent country music. Keep an eye out for this rising star as she continues to captivate audiences with her authentic and soulful sound. Website Trena Facebook Trena Instagram Trena YouTube  Trena Spotify Trena