Tick Magnets/Two Ticks

City/Town Home Base Cranbrook
Members in the Band/Group 2
Financial Expectations
per 45 minute set
Original Music Covers Only
45 Minute Sets Three
Own Backline
Provides Stage Plot
Tick Magnets/Two Ticks

Tick Magnets/Two Ticks

Tick Magnets is a group of enthusiastic musicians who play an eclectic mix of folk/country/bluegrass/gospel/old time music for audiences young and old, living and dead.  The group – composed of Rollie Cummins (vocals, guitar, autoharp) of Wycliffe and Steve Knowles  (vocals, guitar, banjo) from Cranbrook – originally came together as a quartet, out of a love for acoustic jamming and vocal harmony.  Recently, the group is down to Rollie and Steve, who perform as Two Ticks, but they often welcome a bass player to join them so they can once again offer the full Tick Magnets majesty.   In the face of the trials and tribulations that come with the pursuit of the perfect chord, the group takes heart from its motto:  “Ticks Dig Us.”

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Steve Knowles
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