City/Town Home Base Cranbrook
Members in the Band/Group 4
Financial Expectations
per 45 minute set
Original Music Yes
45 Minute Sets Two
Own Backline
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TRENA  an emerging artist in the country music scene, has rapidly gained international acclaim since her debut single “Cowboy” captured audiences from the UK to Australia. The recognition continued with a nomination for Song of the Year at the 4th Annual Josie Music Awards, establishing Trena as a rising star in the independent music scene.

Debut Album – “Long Time Coming” (December 2018):

Trena’s debut album, “Long Time Coming,” released in 2018, marked a significant milestone in her career. The title track climbed to #24 on The Joyce Ramgatie International Country Music Top 40 Single Chart, and Trena secured the #90 spot on the Top 200 Artist Chart. The album held the #1 position for an impressive four weeks on Airplay Direct’s Top 50 Country Chart. At the 5th Annual Josie Music Awards, the album received four nominations in the Traditional Country category, including Female Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Female Rising Star Vocalist of the Year, and Rising Star of the Year. Trena clinched the Song of the Year award for “Crazy,” a collaborative effort with Bob Gollan. The song’s success extended to reaching #2 on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown in 2021.

Second Album and Singles:

Trena is currently immersed in the creation of her second album, teasing fans with a series of impressive singles.

  • “Smokey Ol Bar Rooms(2020): was the first music video for Trena, filmed, edited, and produced by her husband under Thirsty Beaver Productions.  Smokey Ol Bar Rooms reached #2 on The Canadian Indie Country Countdown’s weekly Top 100 chart in 2022 and made the Canadian Indie Country Countdown Top 110 of 2022.
  • “Hold On” (2021): claimed the #1 spot on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown’s weekly Top 100 chart and positioned itself at #28 on the Top 100 of 2021 chart. The song has garnered attention from various Canadian radio stations. The accompanying music video, produced by Thirsty Beavers Production, received a nomination for Music Video of the Year at the 4th Annual Canadian Independent Music Video Awards.
  • “Breathe” (2022): soared to #2 on The Canadian Indie Country Countdown’s Weekly Top 100. The song also secured a spot in the Canadian Indie Country Countdown Top 110 of 2022, the songs success continued to shine as it earned a nomination for Song of the Year at the esteemed International Singer Songwriters Association awards. Additionally, Trena’s nomination for Female Rising Star highlights her remarkable talent and growing influence as an artist.

“Not The Ring” Available February 9, 2024

Trena, is gearing up to launch her highly anticipated new single, “Not The Ring,”  The magic of “Not The Ring” lies in Trena’s ability to transport her audience to the heart of true country music storytelling.  Trena’s genuine connection to the material ensures that every note is infused with raw emotion, making the song a relatable and immersive experience for fans of true country music.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan or a newcomer to her music, be prepared to be captivated by Trena’s emotive storytelling when you hear “Not The Ring” as she skillfully draws you into a world where every note carries the weight of genuine human experience.

“Music is a part of me, it makes me happy and brings me peace”- Trena

Trena’s journey from her acclaimed debut single “Cowboy” to her latest release, “Not the Ring,” showcases her remarkable talent and growing influence in the country music industry. With multiple award nominations, chart-topping singles, and captivating music videos, Trena is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of independent country music. Keep an eye out for this rising star as she continues to captivate audiences with her authentic and soulful sound.

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